What Happened Why I Tried To Learn Coding Languages For AI Apps

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Here’s an interesting little story we would like to share with our viewers. It may not be related to languages in the usual way, but technically speaking coding is considered a language. So, about a week ago we searched the interned for best coding languages for Artificial Intelligence Apps, and some additional queries about making money online. Almost instantly we were flooded with all kinds of text advertisements which came up as “Best Artificial Intelligence APP. Make £3,000 Daily on Auto-Pilot”. Interestingly enough, when we clicked on the text add we noticed a website with “Money Saving Expert” Martin Lewis, who is telling a story about a home-based opportunity which helped him generate profits with ease.

A closer look revealed another link with the words “Immediate Edge”, and when we did some research we found a website named Scam Crypto Robots. As it turns out, the Immediate Edge trading app is a scam, but for us it was too late. We ended up losing £250. After that we started receiving phone calls from all kinds of people who asked us to invest more money, but by then we understood exactly what was happening.

In short, here is a little tip for anyone out there who is trying to generate a little passive income. If it sounds too good it usually is, so please make sure to do your research and stick to real languages.




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