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Looking for some cheap and best language learning app then stop wasting your effort and time looking for such. As, today I will discuss about one such software; LingoDeer. It not only budget friendly but also teaches multiple languages with smart techniques.

Here’s a roundup LingoDeer App review. After reading out the complete LingoDeer review decide by yourself whether it suits your learning style and budget.

It’s time to pick up a foreign tongue without steeping into the classroom. So, let’s dive into the tour of LingoDeer review.

You’ll practice the language by completing lots of different types of exercises. They also include plenty of grammar explanations and opportunities to review what you’ve studied. All in all, it’s one of the better options for getting started learning a language.

How Is LingoDeer Different From Other Apps?


LingoDeer teaches multi-languages not it’s several parts. It works mainly on the Grammar that govern any language sub-parts. Other online language learning apps help you to learn standard list of words and phrases but LingoDeer takes greater challenges. As, it emphasizes more on grammar alongside the vocabulary to achieve full command over target languages.

Learning languages without knowing it’s meaning is like making a house without having blueprints.

The same is the case with learning new language. As, for that also you need to have a strong mental framework to get easy connect with the individual components.

LingoDeer app guides you in learning unique grammatical system of your target language. LingoDeer language learning app gives a clear understanding of relationships between vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation and sentence structure. Moreover, a better understanding of using it correctly.

After knowing about the working style of LingoDeer, you must be thinking that learning languages with LingoDeer is a tough task. But actually, it’s not because it teaches languages with smart and effortless techniques.

How Many Languages LingoDeer Offers?

Currently LingoDeer features 10 different languages: English Japanese, Korean, Spanish, French, Chinese, German, Portuguese, Vietnamese, and Russian. Formerly the app is designed for Asian languages. 


Is Lingodeer Free?

Yes, language courses offered by Lingodeer are Free. In all LingoDeer language course, entire thing under alphabet, first unit, test outs, flashcards reviews section are only free of cost.

Rest of the app’s services like access to browser version, Priority Support Offline Learning, Cross-Device Synchronization etc. needs a LingoDeer premium membership.

How Much It Costs?

For clear idea about LingoDeer pricing check out the membership pricing page present on top of the home page. Prices are listed in local currency but for different regions or platforms it’s may differ.

Key Features Of LingoDeer:

After grabbing complete LingoDeer review here I want to list down some highlighting key features of LingoDeer.

  • Gamification:

LingoDeer app lesson are build around series of engaging games and quizzes. This gamification feature helps learner for grabbing more effective and creative learning experience.

  • Strategic Pacing:

All the lessons plans of LingoDeer are designed expertly to progressively introduce innovative grammatical devices. So, that you can set new milestones which help you to become a master in natural speech style in your target languages.

  • Learning Tips:

It gives you an easy grammar study notes right before starting any module which help you to get better understanding before diving for new lessons.

All the card available in this are brief, intuitive and best for quick reference down the line.

  • Customization:

LingoDeer app helps in maximizing your learning potential, by providing better customization to your study environment. It allows you to do modifications like shrink/magnify text, background color changing, easy toggle between fonts.

How LingoDeer Works?


Getting started:

The very first step you need to perform in LingoDeer after downloading the app and signup in it, is to choose a language. for changing the language at any time, you can click on the LingoDeer logo at homepage top.

Learner those who all are already having proficiency in the different language can make a tap on the golden keys located between skills to test out higher skills. Alternatively, they can also skip the second level of their target language by scrolling down to bottom of the course.


Beginner learner must always start with the alphabet skill. As it gives necessary information about the pronunciation exceptions along with the explanation about the new sounds and letters in each language.

All the Courses offered by LingoDeer have a skill section which contains 2-4 lessons. In the starting of each skill there is tips section, that you must read first.

Language learners who love challenges must complete a story lesson which help them to reinforce the grammar structures learned in the skill. For this it covers cultural treats and everyday topics.


Along with the progress of the course, don’t forget to review often to get ensure about retaining everything that you are learning.

For easy reviewing LingoDeer is allotted with a REVIEW tab. Using this tab, you can review grammar and vocabulary across specific lessons. It also takes a random review across all your completed skills.

Getting involved:

The app also works to keep you involved in the community. For this you just need to follow up your friends using weekly rank feature. If you are having such ability than you can participate with all LingoDeer users available on the global leaderboard.

Pros/Cons  Of LingoDeer:


  • Knowledge Testing

LingoDeer app allows you test your level of knowledge. So, you can take your own test to check your level. But keep this in mind that the test cover so many topics at a time.

  • Variety

Every lesson offered by LingoDeer contains a variety of questions.   These variety set contains drag and drop, multiple choice, fill in the blank, and elimination. So, all in all you will not get bored.

  • Native Speaker

In each of this app lesson there are some audio clips voiced by native speaker. This audio may sound the same thing that is appearing on your screen.

One thing which I liked the most is unscrambling of sentences. So, when you assemble any sentence, the speaker says the individual word/symbol.


After doing complete LingoDeer review, I have found these are section in which this app needs to improve. Or you can count it as LingoDeer dropdown.

  • Unnecessary Presence Of Small Links In The App:

The app has some small links which are of no use. Even though the app works superb and looks great. But I have found that some of its lessons loads slowly and let you take lessons which you have already tested out.

  • Not sufficient for improving speaking skills:

LingoDeer speaking exercises are not sufficient for complete development of your oral skills. There are better options than LingoDeer like, Pimsleur which focuses specifically on achieving natural ascent of your target language. second alternative is to use Speechling, that gives feedback on your pronunciation speech which is really very helpful.

  • Will Only Get You So Far:

I have found that LingoDeer language learnings course is awesome for acknowledging yourself with new language. but it won’t help you to improve your fluency. Thus, at some point you may need to look to other resource.

  • Not enough languages yet:

Languages offered by LingoDeer are bit fewer as compared to other popular alternatives.

My Experience With Lingodeer

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I love to share my personal experience with LingoDeer language app. This will surely gonna help you to get best result as I have got meanwhile learning Korean with LingoDeer.

I think LingoDeer is a decent supplemental resource for the languages it covers. I have also checked LingoDeer reviews on Reddit and it also says the same thing.

For Beginners Learning Japanese, Korean Or Chinese:

  1. It’s better to start with the Alphabet and try to finish up all lessons given in this section.
  2. If your target learning language is Chinese and Japanese, then for better result repeat each lesson twice. In the first time, turn off the characters and only focus on the audio, each used word’s spelling and sentence framing.

In the second time, turn on the characters. So, that your brain will all together focuses on characters and matches it well the sound and meaning.

For All Learners:

  1. If you are learning a totally different language from your native language then it’s important to read the learning tips first. For example, you are learning French from Chinese or Japanese from English.
  2. At once, take lessons with the app default settings. In the first time, try to write and pronounce words and sentences shows in front of you.
  3. After few days, make use of the “Challenge Mode” & “Pop Quiz” to take review of your completed lessons.
  4. After covering one unit, try to complete the story lesson. Though it is quite tough as compared to lessons. But everything present on the story lesson, is around what you have learned in your previous session.
  5. After completion of 2-3 units, go to the “REVIEW” and practice exercises of grammar and vocabulary. You can review some older sessions present on “shuffle 40” until and unless you get satisfied result with your performance.

That’s enough to get the best result from LingoDeer and rest is up to you that how you explore this app.

Final Thoughts

Even though LingoDeer is not that much popular like Mondly or FluentU. But personally if you ask me I loved working with LingoDeer. I can say it’s the best app that teach languages through lots of exercise and fits best in your budget. It’s a fabulous app for the language learner beginners.

Undoubtedly, LingoDeer is outstanding resource but it doesn’t mean that it is the bets option for language learners or my first choice.

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