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In today’s fast forward world people are willing to do every single thing and learning a language is getting on-trend. People are learning a second language for various purposes to get ahead.

But they don’t know where to start from and which app/program to choose.

I am here to solve your confusion. I am going to Review Rosetta stone a language learning app that will help you in making your decision easy.

You can go through my Rosetta stone review and get to know about this app in-depth and then you can calmly decide whether you are satisfied with it or not.

About Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta stone the language learning app is different from other learning app/programs as it teaches you languages the way you were taught your native language as a kid.

All its exercise, gaming and courses are completely in the targeted language. Mine was French. The courses and everything was in French without giving any translation to get a guide.

This trains you to learn phrases, words, grammar and language rules easy rather than memorizing the vocabulary. There is a total immersion during learning and that’s what makes the teaching style effective.

Rosetta stone’s excellent feature is its mobile-friendly app. The lessons and functioning of Rosetta stone in the mobile apps are the same as that of Desktop application. The mobile app is updated and the new version of it comes with the new features and content more frequently.

The Rosetta stone app in mobile is convenient for the people who are a good language learner. As you can carry your device anywhere and can learn lessons without getting interrupted and even download them for offline use.

Rosetta Stone Features

Rosetta stone the language learning program has some good quality in it that makes its teaching easier and more effective. In my Rosetta stone review, you will get to know the features of Rosetta stone.

  • Everyday 10 minutes of learning
  • Audio companion
  • Gives offline access
  • Download lessons
  • Review your everyday plan
  • TruAccent to perfect your pronunciation
  • Provides translation guide
  • Available in both web browser and mobile apps for Android and iOS

Languages Rosetta Stone Offers

Rosetta Stone app has programs for 28 languages (apart from British English and American):

  1. Arabic
  2. Chinese (Mandarin)
  3. Dari
  4. Dutch
  5. European
  6. French
  7. German
  8. Greek
  9. Hebrew
  10. Hindi
  11. Indonesian
  12. Irish
  13. Italian
  14. Japanese
  15. Korean
  16. Latin
  17. Pashto
  18. Persian (Farsi)
  19. Polish
  20. Portuguese (Brazilian)
  21. Russian
  22. Spanish (Latin American)
  23. Swahili
  24. Swedish
  25. Tagalog
  26. Turkish
  27. Urdu
  28. Vietnamese

Rosetta Stone Method of Learning

Rosetta stone language learning is divided into 2 parts that are focused on activities and unit of lessons. In one unit there is a total of 4 core lessons and a Milestone. Each level there are 4 units.

Screenshot 20180521 123339

There are three to five levels depending on the language. as I learned French it has 5 levels in it.

Keep reading the review of Rosetta stone and know the methods that Rosetta stone uses to make the learning easy.

Rosetta stone language learning is based on image and audio. Firstly, they start with single words or phrases in the targeted language spoken by a native speaker and show you a picture.

After a few minutes, the same thing will be shown to you. You have to remember what you learned previously and choose the correct answer. This really helps in learning kinds of stuff easily.

Pros & Cons of Rosetta Stone

All the language learning programs have something good and something bad in it and the same it is with Rosetta stone. In my Rosetta stone review, I have stated some pros and cons, have a look at them.Pros

  • Outstanding user experience.
  • Sophisticated interface.
  • Highly instinctive.
  • Mobile apps offered.
  • Optional live teaching sessions.
  • Bountiful bonus content.
  • Strong tech backing.


  • Expensive
  • Absences of translations provided or cultural information.
  • No assignment for students with previous language contact.
  • Repetitive

What does Rosetta Stone Course Include?

1: Subscription, CD options or download

Rosetta Stone recently is offering courses in 3 formats: download, online subscription, and CD. With the download and CD option, you will get the core Rosetta stone course.

If you select the download option then you can immediately download the RS software. The courses are alike in either of the formats.

The online subscription of Rosetta stone will give you a core course that includes bonus content with live tutoring sessions, audio companion, stories and online phrasebook. Access to all the levels of the targeted language.

2: Main course material


Rosetta Stone courses are offered at different levels depending on the languages. The popular languages such as French and Spanish have 5 levels in them but other languages have 3 or 4 levels in it.


Each level in a language is categories into 4 units and each unit has 4 sections in them. These lessons are characteristically on vocabulary and grammar like colors & size, around the house, landmarks & directions, etc.

Unit lessons

The core lesson smaller lessons that emphasize what you have learned while concentrating on a definite aspect of the targeted language like writing, pronunciation or grammar. It can take an hour to complete the unit lesson but you can take the lesson one by one later.


After completing each unit in the end there is a lesson called a milestone. The motive of this milestone lesson is that it simulates a conversation via pictures and words with all the vocabulary and grammar that you have learned in a particular unit.

The conversation works like an audio-visual slideshow where a scenario will be given to you and you have to give a response by typing or speaking.

3: Subscription features


The phrases are arranged in categories like introductions, time & money and dining. Each phrase includes a picture with an audio recording of the native speaker reading out the phrase.

Screenshot 20180521 123557

Audio Companion

This feature of Rosetta stone will allow you to download the zip file that contains audio of the unit lessons. There are lots of audio that is of no use without the text and picture but the Rosetta stone app gives you audio direct fetch from the lessons.

Extended Learning

There is a feature called Extended learning which allows you to access all the lessons if you have subscribed online. The online series of activities will help in practicing what you have learned so far in Rosetta stone.

There are 3 categories in it, the first one “play” where it includes 5 words game that you can self-play or with another learner.

The second one is “talk” it has 3 games to play but only with another Rosetta stone user. The third and final one is “read” where you have to read stories in the targeted language.

Tutoring Sessions Live

After you have bought Rosetta stone, another option will be offered to purchase a tutoring session. This session is live means a video class with a real person.

The lesson will be of 20 minutes either single or in a group. These lessons are prepared on the material that you have studied so far in the Rosetta stone core course. you will be asked what you have studied and answer accordingly.

Bonus Content and Games

There is also a section called games and bonus content that offers additional ways to learn and study the language. You can either play solo games or pair up with a native speaker of that language or another learner.

Whether you will able to find someone online at the same time as you are a crapshoot.

The games presented in it are slightly uninspiring, but they apply a good skill to make the learners understand.

For example, you spoke a short sentence. The other person has to listen to your story and click on any of the words that you hear appearing on the bingo card.

Rosetta Stone Pricing

Rosetta stone is a bit high as compared to other language learning programs. It only sells online subscriptions. Though you can try the 3 days free trial by signing in to know how it works.

To write Rosetta stone review I took the 3-month subscription to test the program fully.

There are different pricing options in Rosetta stone:

  • 3 months $79
  • 6 months $119
  • One year $179
  • Two years $249

After taking the subscription you can access all lessons for all the languages. You can even download the lessons for offline use.

There is another option where you can include online tutoring in your course.

  • Group session for 2 lessons costs $14-$19
  • Private session for 2 lessons costs $19-$29

These lessons are taken by a live person in a webinar-style format.

Though Rosetta stone is a bit costly its features are beneficial for learning a language.

Best Way to learn Language with Rosetta Stone

1: Learn like an Introduction to the New Language

Never start learning but thinking that you will be fluent in it at the end of the course. I don’t know about other language learning programs but If you put effort consistently then you will be able to get fluent in the second language.

This learning app great for advanced skills in the targeted language. The knowledge of vocabulary and grammar are the assets towards conversational and fluency in a language.

2: Use Rosetta Stone as a Supplement

As with the other language learning apps if you are learning with Rosetta stone as well as with the other programs it will be beneficial for you.

This program review what have you learned elsewhere so that you can straight away pick up new words and vocabulary.

3: Be Patience

Everything takes time so you have to be patient during the learning process. Though the time span is long, try to practice with a calm mind, you will definitely learn the targeted language.

My Experience: The Good

Things that I liked in Rosetta stone is that there is no English in it, the course is fully based on the targeted language that you choose. The goal is to simply think in that language without translating it.

The most comforting thing is that at the beginning level of Rosetta stone it does not teach clear-cut grammar by giving a burden on you. It starts with words, pictures, and sounds that you have to recognize what it states.

After getting an idea of what’s going on then you are given grammar and vocabulary to get into the depth of targeted language.

Rosetta stone is easy to use because as compared to other courses it does not expect extra hard work from you. It slowly guides you step by step towards learning.

My Experience: The Bad

Continuing my Rosetta stone review, there are also a few things that are unlikable to me and need to be improved.

The first thing is that the Copying & pasting method. There are some phrases and words that are copied from the Spanish course to other courses. But I didn’t feel like this when I learned French. Maybe it’s just hearsay.

The vocabulary that Rosetta stone teaches is not used in daily life, some words are of no use in real conversation.

Another thing about Rosetta stone is the voice recognition that they put in their courses. It is ok with the small words but when you try to say sentences it hears incorrectly.

Though no English translation is good sometimes it gets hard to understand words.


In my Rosetta stone review, I have mentioned every single detail of the Rosetta Stone language learning program.

This will help you in deciding whether this program is good for you in learning the language or not. Don’t choose the app because I am appreciating it, review of Rosetta stone is in front of you. You can even take a trial and then decide.

From my point of view, you won’t regret using it. I like this app for second language learning.

I hope my Rosetta stone review was helpful to you.

If you have any questions related to the Rosetta stone app then you can visit the FAQ section to get the answer to all your questions.

Good Luck!!!

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