Why Do People Forget Language & How to Avoid It?

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Learning any language is easy as there are plenty of resources available like tools, tips n tricks, podcasts, books, etc.

But the most challenging thing that every language learner struggle with is – Avoid Forgetting a Language.

Any language learner will tell you with time they forget some information such as remember the vocabulary but forget some of the accents.

You can make a sentence but the words start fumbling in the mouth.

You may understand the verbs, tenses but overlook what each tense is called or how to conjugate verbs.

And the worst of all you forget all of the targeted languages ultimately.

So, the question that penetrates our mind is what I should do to not to FORGET THE LANGUAGE.

Therefore today in this article I am sharing with you some of my secrets to learn not to fade the language you worked so hard from your memory.

Learn everything about why do people forget the language, how to avoid forgetting a language or how to retain a new language.

Why Do People Forget Language?

Well, the Simple and Short answer is you don’t continue to practice the language or stop speaking the language.

And, if you won’t speak a language you learned, you will forget it eventually.

This is my own experience of remembering and forgetting the languages I learned.

I learned languages like Korean and Swedish and also speak them to some level but now I can’t.

Because I won’t use it for the long term and was completely out of context in my lifestyle.

Now I speak 6 languages because I choose the language based on my long term investment. I learned the language that I am going to use immediately with my travels, to improve my cultural experiences.

Commonly people may take a completely different choice and this is what causes forgetting a language.

So, the key to avoiding forgetting a language is you need to be passionate about using them frequently in spite of just learning it.

Here learn some of my secrets to avoid forgetting a language.

How to Avoid Forgetting a Language?

1: Consistent Practice

The secret is consistent practice so that the language is always fresh in your mind. Avoid giving excuses and find out the ways to speak the language regularly.

  • Try finding the natives personally to though social media networks,
  • Join clubs, foundations, institutes
  • Use sites to find people to talk by Skype,
  • Monitor the social circle for the opportunity to use the language.

All of these will help you to speak the language frequently and memorize it as well.

Despite this, there are other aspects as well like (reading, listening, watching movies, etc.) but make sure to maintain them as far as possible.

Listen to the podcasts, online news, music in the targeted language, it is said Music is the best language learning tool.

I remember the songs Bailamos, Live in Vida loca are the ones that I use to hear and arose my interest to learn Spanish.

So, watch the movies, listen to songs, read books, chat with your native friends in your targeted language. But make sure to do it regularly.

You can also stick to the Netflix series in your targeted language to recharge your skillsIf you are learning Spanish then “Pablo Escobar”, “La casa de Papel” are great series.

The French language learner could get deep into the “Au service de la France” series.

These are some of the secrets that turned out to be useful for me and prevent forgetting languages.

Psychologically we start forgetting the things that are not active.

Therefore learning the language once a while doesn’t mean you will not forget it, it will slowly and steadily fade away!

2: Travel to Improve Motivation & Energize your Skills

Traveling is one of my SECRET that helped me to become a Polyglot.

So, if you are making plans for your vacation then travel abroad to revive your language learning skills and get close to the culture.


Traveling to the place of the language you are trying to maintain speaking is the BEST way to practice and use your skills in context.

Over the trip, you can notice more and more about the language and will gradually increase your motivation to keep on learning and speaking the language.

Try exploring more and more in your trip for an extra learning boost. Contact the official tourist guides, examine the hotel websites (big and boutique), access the menus to see what you like eating.

These little efforts can help you strengthen your language learning skills and make the trip memorable.

3: Speed of Learning

Generally, we have the mindset to consider learning a language a lifelong process.  And this is the reason we forget the targeted language.

So, try to make it short or a limited-time course of study rather than a lifelong process.

And when there is a limited time period you will feel the urge to follow the language learning routine properly.

It doesn’t matter is you learning new vocabulary, complicated grammar rules or the confusing Spanish accent marksjust keep on studying. And so make sure to constantly maintain it until it is a definite part of you.

Rather than making it boring time consuming make it short and use the frequently learned vocabulary in daily routine.

And when you start using learning language regularly, this helps you in practicing and avoid forgetting the language.

4: Keep Your Language Active

If you learn the language really well, it is harder to forget it. So if you learn the language really well to begin with, then you will never forget it.

I had seen the fact, if you learn any language in a better way the very first time, it gets engraved in your memory deeply and it became harder to forget even if you won’t use it frequently.

I personally experienced this I learned some languages very fast but now I was unable to speak it because I won’t start with the basics.

This is the reason I always suggest people start with one language at a time and learn it extremely well.

So, make sure to intensively dive into your language learning process and after a few months, you can reach a high conversational level or fluency.

And after becoming fast and fluent in the language, you need to maintain it until it comes a permanent part of you.

This simple strategy will help you to avoid forgetting the language if you start learning the second one.

Also, avoid cutting yourself to the language you learned and keep on using the language continuously.

Whenever I feel like I have forgotten some words or expressions, or the words fumble in the mouth, I refresh my vocab using Mondly and bring it back quickly.

Remember if you honestly want to speak a language for life, it will remain there for you to use constantly.

5: Develop a Passion for Learning

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This is the last secret of mine and the reason as well for not forgetting the 6 languages.

Did you know why I don’t forget them because I am passionate about each of the six languages

And my experience in the country is also a reason that sparked a flame inside me, and I’ll never let it go.

Therefore, if you really want to become fast and fluent in a language than speak it, do anything you find easy to learn and memorize it.

Make it a habit that would leave nothing but a big hole in your life if taken away.

Nevertheless, make the language learning an important part and never ever let it go.


So, this is how you can retain a new language.

If you are looking to avoid forgetting a language then read the article and follow the given tips.

Moreover, if you are looking to learn a language then here I am having something for you – expert tips to learn a language by yourself.

Nevertheless remember keeping a language active is a lot easy than reactivating it. So don’t get rusty practice as much as you can, keep up your speaking skills active, do regular conversation, etc.

Don’t give up and keep your urge on..!

Good Luck..!

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